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History | Kashim Ibrahim Library

Established in 1962, the University Library System of Ahmadu Bello University comprises the Kashim Ibrahim Library (the main Library) and eleven other satellite libraries located in different campuses of the University.

The Library has a total holding of over 1.2 million volumes of books and 66,000 periodical titles. The University library has always been at the centre of research and scholarship playing a major role in acquiring, processing and lending library materials and responding to patrons inquires.

The library management in the past few years has been striving to upgrade the IT skills of the staff to enable them cope with challenges of the information age. Recently, thanks mostly to donations by the MacArthur Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation, rapid progress has been made not only in updating the collection, but also in automating the resources and services of the Library system.

Today, online and CD-ROM searches are a common feature among staff and students of the University. With a staff strength of 42 professionals and 109 para-professionals, 22 Senior and 102 Junior non-professional staff in the entire university library system, the library management is striving to upgrade the IT skills of the staff to enable them cope with challenges of the information age.

Our satellite libraries are:

S/N Name
1 President Kennedy Library
2 Law Library
3 Centre for Islamic Legal Studies Library
4 Institute for Agricultural Research Library
5 National Animal Production Research Institute Library (NAPRI)
6 National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services Library (NAERLS)
7 Pre-Clinical Medical Library (Samaru Campus)
8 Clinical Medical Library (Tudun-Wada/Shika)
9 Lee T. Railsback (Veterinary Medicine) Library
10 Arewa House (AH) Library
11 Division of Agricultural Colleges Library (DAC)
12 Abdullahi Mohammed (Samaru Public) Library (AMPL)

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