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Lee T. Railsback Library (LTRL) Library



Name: Mrs. C. E. Okanlawon

Rank: Senior Librarian

Email Address: ceokanlawon1953@gmail.com


Lee T Railsback Library is a reference library with a 300 sitting capacity, serving the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Agriculture and Biological Science respectively. However, overnight borrowing is allowed to academic and senior staff of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ahmadu Bello University.


Resource Development

The central Library sends list of Books and journals for Faculty staff to make selections from publishers’ catalogues which are forwarded to the main central library for purchases. The bulk of our materials are obtained through donations from individuals, veterinary council and organizations.

Click HERE to see more about the Lee T. Railsback Library on the website of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine



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