Kashim Ibrahim Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

About | The Kashim Ibrahim Library Complex Setup / Layout

The Kashim Ibrahim Library Complex comprises of the main Library located in the Main Campus, Samaru, a three-storey building with dozens of offices, departments, sections, units etc. These house the various administrative, financial, technical and other staff, as well as resources repositories and others.

The Complex also has under it several special satellite libraries / branches found in various sections of the University, in the Main Campus, Kongo Campus, Teaching Hospital, and other Centers and Divisions of the University, including those outside Zaria, like the SBRS Funtua, Arewa House Kaduna, etc.

Lastly, the Complex also has departmental and faculty satellite libraries in almost every department and faculty in all the Campuses and sub-divisions of the University. These are also generally set up in such a way as to reflect the needs of the specific departmental staff and students, based on the fields of study found there.

You can go through the main menu system of this website to visit the various sections, branches and satellites of the Kashim Ibrahim Library Complex.

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