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Customer Service Division

The Customer Services Division (CSD) at Kashim Ibrahim Library is the main function of Ahmadu Bello University Library Complex’s service to it diverse population. The Library Customer Services Division is responsible for all front-line customer interactions across all the University’s libraries.

The Customer Services Division ensures speedy and effective clearance of members of the university community before disengagement with the institution and register new library users admitted into the university.


Kashim Ibrahim Library uses all the standard variables as allowed by library practice, to provide human and material resources. The Customer Services Division is the LINK between such resources and the targeted users i.e. customers. In order to facilitate these functions to our various customers, the Division is split into three (3) distinct units:-

    This unit is charged with the following:
      We register new customers here. Once registered, the customer is allowed to borrow books to use at his/her convenience. This registration is open to all bonafide students, postgraduate students and university staff. Requirement for registration is letter of admission/letter of appointment.
      In the event that a customer is disengaging from the university, as graduating students or retiring staff, we authenticate their clearance forms after verification of our records on behalf of the library.
    3. CIRCULATION: To borrow books to read at customer’s convenience, the appropriate place to go to is this section of Service Delivery Unit. The procedure is simple and time saving because this service has been computerized.
      1. RESERVATION OF REQUEST – should a customer desires to use a book and the book is out on loan, such a customer can place a reservation request. No other customer shall have access to that reserved book whenever the book is charged in.
      2. WEEDING AND DISCHARGING – This is done periodically using the under criteria; poor physical condition of the book; un-used book for between 10 – 15 years; and outdated publication etc.
      3. AMNESTY PERIOD – This is a period that allows defaulters i.e customers who have overdue books return them for free - i.e. without paying fines.
    This Unit makes information resources available to customers. The resources are arranged on the shelves for consultation. It is an open access allowing customers the choice of what they want to consult (free accessibility). It is important to note that the reading resources are arranged discipline by discipline, housed in three (3) areas namely:-
    1. 1st floor of the main building A – H (Arts and Social Sciences).
    2. 1st floor of the main building J – P (Arts and Social Sciences).
    3. 2nd floor of the main building Q – Z (Science, Technology and Library Science.
    There are competent staff to guide you to the shelf/shelves housing your request.


    1. While searching for your choice of books, should you pull out any book/books, do not shelve it/them. Please leave it/them on the reading table for our trained staff to re-shelf it/them appropriately.
    2. Books consulted for reading, reference, or making notes should be left on the reading table.
    3. If a customer is interested in doing further reading on any books, he/she is allowed to borrow such books for some period of time; simply take the books to the Service Delivery Unit on the ground floor where the loan is facilitated.
    The books housed here are under closed access. They are books that are, generally, on high demand.


    1. Readers are not allowed into the Reserve Book Unit with any other books/materials, except their note books.
    2. Readers should be equipped with three (3) facts before putting forward their request to the staff:
      1. Know the author of the book.
      2. Know the title of the book.
      3. Know the class mark of the book.

During interaction with library staff, customers can expect to:

  • Be acknowledged appropriately.
  • Be treated courteously and respectfully
  • Receive the same high standard of service regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, physical limitations or other criteria.
  • Receive prompt and timely service.
  • Receive knowledgeable service and professionalism from all staff.
  • Have open access to traditional and innovative resources and instruction in their use.
  • Have their privacy and confidentiality respected; and lastly
  • Have responsive, community-oriented service.

Head of Division

J. A. Ochu


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