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Resource Processing Division

The Resources Processing Division (RPD) is responsible for processing of resources received into the Library. We usually send such information resources to be electronically and manually catalogued and classified, by the Customer Services Division. This processing activity is associated with materials description so that users can access them when they come to make use of the library. This is categorized as follows:

  1. Cataloguing/Classification, both in electronic and manual form.
  2. Card Maintenance.
  3. Book Finishing.
  4. Binding and rebinding of old books.


With the concerted effort of the Library to achieve excellence in service delivery, modern ICT facilities are provided in the Division to enhance the general output and operations. Presently the Division makes use of Vitua, a product of VTLS to automate its activities. This software provides links to other world bibliographic utilities to access information resources. In addition, students on industrial attachment were also trained.

Head of Division:


Full Name: Mrs. ....
Rank: .....
Appointed: .....
Title: Mrs.
Position: Head of Division
Office Addr: Kashim Ibrahim Library, ABU Main Campus, Samaru, Zaria.


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